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BOA, Merrill Lynch, JPMC, Prudential, ESPP, Vanguard, Regions, GSBank, Fidelity, ICICI, HSA, AmEx, CitiCard, Bankrate
Wealthfront, PerCap, Coinbase, Pro Magic Formula, AAII, TIAA-CREFmint, CNN Money
Hillsborough libraries, Merriam-Webster Online, One look dictionaries, domain on Google Apps, Wolfram Alpha
Nobel prizes, Blogspot, History, Smugmug, Reading lists, TMZ

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Netflix, Vonage, Reliance, Gmail, Google, Wall Street Journal
Trip advisor
RandMcNally, expedia , orbitzslh, Engadget, Reader's Digest, zdnet
Hunters Green, Moe's, Amazon, CNN
Serious Eats

Personal interests

Product Hunt, MusicNotes, Sendwise, Runner's worldUSTA, Ideas to organize, Robert Gaskins, Better presentations, Wiley book on Amazon, Healow

Rex Parker NYT Crosswords, Barry Popik word origins and one liners
CopyBlogger, CopyHackers, Sorry watch, Buffer, Screenwriting 101 Reddit, wiki


Zero hedge, WolfStreet, Kindle, Dilbert, Locals, Axios, Twitter, Cool Tools, Technium, Prepared, Leiter Reports, Abnormal returns, Watch, Freedom, TwistedSifter, Learning leader, Big Picture, Awesomeness, Farnam street, footnoted, DrudgeMarginal revolution, Happyslob, project-syndicate, NatGeo Photo of the day, Cal Newport, Scott H. Young, Scott Aaronson, Save the cat, Big think, Growers, SlateStar, Scalability, Morning routines, Mac Sparky, James Clear, Of Dollars and Data


King IB, Williams, Science text, GoDaddy, Troop 142, Troop admin, Ms. Hunter, Ms. Holland, Science text (kagrawal1/x3s4), Ed Helper, Matter, AGP advocacy, nagc, flagifted, flagiftednet, aegus

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Alps Mountaneering, Truefitt & Hill, Nancy Boy (cooling gel), eddiebauer, Homelumbercom(Makita), ehobbies

Costco, Zillow, VillasOfTheWorld, Amazon trips, Trip choices, Scout direct, Apartment Therapy, houzz, Travelzoo, The Points Guy, Matrix ITA


Coin market cap, Poloniex, Ripple price, Employment situation, Personal incomes, Consumer credit, Manufacturing and Services, International trade, CPIGold price
Insider-monitor, SecForm4, InsiderNewswire, GrayWolf, Form4Oracle,

Desi (Indian) sites

Business, Musical drive, Govt. of India, India Network, Whispers
News, Rediff, Telegraph, Hindu, Yahoo India, Tarla Dalal

Interesting tech

Synergy KM, WCSC, WCSC wiki, nopsrus, hack4u, hackthissite, openrce, Epix 2 forum


Program page, Department, FAQ page, Grad school pageFlorida approved programs

Mummy, papa

Hindu, Economic Times, Samachar, First Post, Times of India, Wall Street Journal


Steve Blank, All Business, Guy Kawasaki, Both sides of the table, Lightning Kite, Habits, Mochary method, VentureHacksstartuplessonslearned, OnStartups, SaaStr, forentrepreneurs, startupmanagement, Tom Tunguz, Blas


Remote debugging on Azure, Deep learning book, Elad Gil blog, Yoga

Research and Teaching

DIT Dashboard, IS Society, HBSP, Pedagogy unbound, Metafilter,
South Florida at Tampa, St. Petersburg
surveys, websurveys
StatSoft Text, Ben Jensen on auditing
myUSF, USF Library
USF email web access, VPN, apps, Coursera Udacity, USF Barracuda
Ed Snyder, PhD readings, Library Genesis, Watch now

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