PhD Resources
For students
(if a link does not work, please google. If that fails, please contact me)
  1. David Murray. "That's interesting," 1971
  2. David Murray, "That's classic," 1986
  1. Randy Pausch's lecture on time management
  2. Philip Guo's Blog on the PhD grind and related topics
  1. American Historical Association, Where Historians Work
  1. Jennifer Doleac (Texas A&M), Twitter threads
  2. Matt Might's blog
  1. J. E. Littlewood, Littlewood's miscellany
  2. George Stigler, The theory of price (look for treatment of consumer surplus)
  3. Armen Alchian, Universal economics (witty economics textbook)
  4. Marcia Stigum, Money market (1,200 page classic what every business major should know about financial markets)
  5. Deirdre McCloskey, Theory of price
  6. John Ziman, Public Knowledge
  7. Ash Joglekar, Twitter thread on beautiful papers
  1. George Polya, Polya's problem solving techniques, Book link at Princeton Press
  2. Math programming glossary, INFORMS
  3. Myths and counterexamples in Math Programming, Harvey Greenberg, founder of INFORMS JOC
  1. Milton Friedman, The methodology of positive economics
  1. Kailash Awati, 2021 Software development as a wicked problem (Increment magazine)
  2. Ritter and Weber, 1973 Dilemmas in a general theory of planning (Wicked problems)
  3. Kuntz and Ritter, 1970 Issues as elements of information systems (IBIS)
  4. Royce, 1970 Managing the development of large software systems (Waterfall model)